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This is a Non-traditional “Laid Back” Cardio Karate class. Emphasis is placed on keeping the heart rate elevated, burning calories, building Stamina and increasing overall fitness. Participants wear comfortable workout clothes instead of the traditional martial arts uniforms. This class is designed to be an energizing and fun workout for all fitness levels.

In the Adult class emphasis is placed on proper technique and execution. It is a fun and challenging environment where the students challenge each other for greater success. The students are also challenged to explore their own reasons for studying the Martial Arts and are highly encouraged to become “Full Circle” Martial Artists.

The Dragon Class is our Kids Class. The Dragons class is geared towards School aged children primarily in the ages of 8-12 years. Students learn proper techniques as well as Self-control, Self Discipline, and an “I Can Do It’ positive attitude. Emphasis is placed on Respect, Values, Good Sportsmanship, and overall personal conduct.  All students are required to regularly provide report cards before being eligible for promotion. 

Our Little Dragons Class is designed to fit around our pre-schoolers and younger teammates. The lil’ Dragons class meets once a week and is a white belt level class. The program is designed with an emphasis on Positive behavior, good listening skills, following directions and of course good martial arts techniques. Upon successful graduation from the Lil’ Dragons Program the students earn their blue stripe which makes them eligible to test for their Blue ranking.